Meet The Baker

"Life is short, eat dessert first!"

Hi My name is Jen and I'm the baker behind the Brussels Cakery!  I'm originally from Baltimore, Maryland, USA but I adopted Brussels as my home many years ago!   

Baking and cake design is a huge passion of mine!  I love experimenting with flavors and new decorating techniques.  Being able to create a centerpiece for such special occasions is what drives me to deliver the perfect, unique cake for each and every client!  

All of my cakes and cupcakes are made to order with high quality ingredients and custom designed to meet each clients specific requests!  It is so much fun to work through a consultation with a new client and deliver a cake that exceeds their expectations!  

Tel: +32 470 89 62 90  |  Email:


Custom Cakes

baked with love




Elaine, Brussels

Jen's cakes always appear with gasps of "Ooooooh and ahhhhhh" from everyone present! Even when I've eaten my fill beforehand, I just can't resist a taste of her wonderful creations.

German, Uruguay

I will miss Jen's cakes more than Belgian beer when I leave Brussels. And I LOVE Belgian beer!

Esteban, Chicago

Jen's cakes are not only delicious but also thoughtfully made with love. I would buy her cakes over shop-bought any time as it shows so much more consideration and care.



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