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You Might Have Some Questions...

Why are your prices higher then what I find in local shops?

This is a question I hear a lot so I'm happy to explain!  All of our cakes are made-to-order for each of our clients.  That means there is absolutely no mass production and that means each individual aspect of each cake or cupcake is handcrafted.  In addition, and most importantly!, we use fresh, quality ingredients (such as real lemon juice and zest for our lemon cake, freshly ground coffee for our coffee cake, and quality red wine for our red wine buttercream, etc.).  Moreover, we use locally sourced flowers and greenery!  While we do try to find deals when we purchase the ingredients so that we can pass savings on to our clients, we also refuse to compromise on quality so there are some ingredients that simply cost more and for this reason the final price of the product is increased.  That said, we know that everyone has a different budget and we're happy to work with our clients to find something that fits into yours!  Simply contact us and we can discuss the best options for your current budget.  

How do I use the website to order?

Just visit our e-shop and you can easily sign up for Cupcake Subscription boxes and other treatrs from our sister bakery - Brussels Badass Bakes (please note that all products sold in the e-shop are through Brussels Badass Bakes and fall under their terms and conditions)

What if I'm not so creative after all and need some help deciding on combinations?

We're happy to help!  If you like the idea of Red Wine Buttercream but aren't sure of the pairing (pun intended!) we'd love to suggest some options for you.  If you aren't quite sure what buttercream would go nicely with the Ginger Cardamom Cake - we have a suggestion for that too!  

I saw a cake online that I'd like you to make; is that possible?  

We're happy to use previously made cakes as inspiration for your cake; however, please keep in mind that these cakes are artwork!  We won't copy exactly but can be inspired to create something similar that we know you'll love just as much! You can send us photos and ideas and together we can come up with the perfect cake creation!

I have allergy and/or diet restrictions, can you still make me a cake?

Absolutely!  We offer many options such as low sugar cakes and cupcakes using fruit as a natural sweetener.  Gluten-free and egg-free are also no problem!  While we do bake in our kitchen with these ingredients and also occasionally use nuts, when requested we do everything in our power to prevent cross contamination so that clients with ALL dietary needs and restrictions are able to enjoy our amazing cakes!  

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