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Terms and Conditions

Order Design and Consultation

All of our cakes are custom made to order. You can browse through our portfolio on Facebook or Instagram, or we can design something unique for you. Any cake ordered from a picture or photo of another cake produced elsewhere, can only be reproduced by us as our interpretation of the cake and will not be a direct replica. Please be aware copyrighted images protects some designs and, therefore cannot be copied. Dyed frosting colors and decoration will be matched to photos provided to the best of our ability.  

Cake Serving sizes

During the design consultation, we recommend a size of cake based on the clients required number of servings.  Customer understands and accepts these terms, and must order their sweets accordingly after having considered our recommendations. We provide cake cutting guides if requested. 


One-month notice for all orders is suggested.  Orders will be guaranteed once a non-refundable and non-transferable deposit is received.  We might be able to accommodate an order at a shorter notice depending on our schedule, requested design and the availability of the date. Please take the time to check the details of your order on your deposit receipt and review carefully.  The details on this document are what we use to create your cake.  Please ensure that all details are correct, including date and collection time, and spelling of any names etc.  If it is not written on the order document, then it will not be on your cake so its essential that you review this document and contact us within 24 hours of receiving it to make any amendments. 


A deposit is required to guarantee your order date and is NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE.  The deposit amount depends on the total cost of your order, the type of order, and any extra materials needed to complete the overall design. The remaining balance is due at the time of pick-up or delivery for most orders. Some orders may require payment to be paid 1 week prior to the date of the event. Deposits are accepted by cash and bank transfer.  A receipt will be sent by email once the deposit is received and will contain your order details.

  • Short notice orders that are placed within seven days of the collection date are an exception to this and must be paid in full upon ordering.

Final Balance Payments

Cash upon collection is the best way to make your final balance payment.  If you wish to pay the balance by bank transfer, this payment MUST CLEAR before the pickup/delivery date.  Cakes will not be transferred from the Brussels Cakery to the Client without full payment.  Please note that a bank transfer that has not cleared by the pickup/delivery date means that the order has not been paid for and therefore the order will not change hands.  In this situation, cash will be required to release your order and you will be responsible for cancelling your bank transfer.

  • For orders that require final payment prior to the collection/delivery date, we will not release your order to you/designated person until payment has been received in full. We accept no responsibility for any loss caused for non-delivery under these circumstances.

Order Design Alterations

Your order is important to us! Please take the time to check the details of your quote/order on your deposit receipt and review carefully. It is your responsibility to contact us of any changes required to your original order. We will try to accommodate any changes where possible; however. we cannot guarantee to do so and reserve the right to increase the price quoted for any extra work required. Please note, we are unable to make any major changes within 10 days of the delivery/collection date.  

Change of Occasion Date

If you need to re-schedule your occasion date, due to unforeseen event such as, weather, illness, or other, we will try our best to accommodate these changes if the date is available. This is not guaranteed. If we are unable to accommodate your new date, keep in mind, the deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.  Should you wish to postpone your cake more then 72 hours before your scheduled collection or delivery day and time, pending availability for a new date, we are happy to make the change with no additional charges.  For orders postponed less then 72 hours before your scheduled collection or delivery day and time, there will be a 30% postponement fee (equal to 30% of the total value of the cake) in order to change the date of the cake (date changes are subject to availability).  Please keep in mind, this postponement fee does not count towards the final balance of payments due on the cake and is an additional fee.  Should you not wish to pay the 30% postponement fee, you will then be cancelling your order and forfeiting your paid deposit.   Any new cake order will then require its own deposit as deposits are nontransferrable and nonrefundable.  


If you cancel your order order, up to 2 weeks before the final due date, you will receive a full refund of any payments made except for the agreed upon deposit. If you cancel your order within the 2 week window before your order is due, there is no refund given of the deposit or any additional payments.

  • If your order is canceled by the business due to unforeseen event such as weather, illness, or other, all payments will be refunded, and we will try to find another local baker to assist, if their availability allows.

 Collection Day

All orders are to be collected within a designated time slot during The Brussels Cakery's business hours. If applicable, remaining balance is due for the release of your order.  Once your order leaves the business' premises, we are no longer responsible for any damages that may occur due to road conditions, driving ability, weather, defective table, venue, etc.  If you are unable to collect your order within 15 minutes of the agreed upon time, we will try to accommodate a rescheduled time but please note that the ability to provide another time for collection is not guaranteed.   

  • If you are unable to collect your cake on the day and at the time agreed upon, we will deliver your order within Brussels for an additional charge of 35euro.  Please note that this option is a last resort should collection simply not be possible at the agreed upon date and time and we reserve the right to deny delivery of the order should our schedule not allow for it. 


Delivery is an optional service and we offer this service within Brussels.  Delivery slots are limited and are not always available. We always give our clients the option to collect their cake; however, especially for tiered cakes we highly recommend that we deliver.   

  • Delivery charges vary for deliveries outside of Brussels or for orders that require additional setup time at the venue.  

  • Delivery charges (if applicable) will be included in your price quote. 

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have provided the correct delivery information and that the venue is open and available at the arranged time. If no-one is available to receive the cake at the agreed delivery time, your order will be returned to the business and we will contact you to arrange an alternative delivery time; for which a charge will be applied. We accept no responsibility for any loss or consequential loss incurred by the customer as a result of this matter.  In addition, if there are no available delivery slots left, the Client is responsible for pickup at an agreed upon date and time.  

Set Up/ Display Table

While we try to ensure that your order is presented looking it's very best, the stability or levelness of the table upon which the order is displayed or the quality of the area surrounding the presentation platform is not in our control. Please ensure the presentation table is stable, level and sturdy enough to hold the order.

Please also remember cakes can melt under extreme heat conditions. We HIGHLY recommend allowing the Brussels Cakery to deliver and set up the cake. If the cake is to be set up by the venue staff, we will leave instructions on how the cake is to be displayed. Once the cake is delivered or collected, set-up, we are not responsible for any interference or damage to the cake. 

Non-Edible Supplies

Your order may contain non-edible items such as support straws or dowels, cake boards, ribbons, flowers, feathers,  holders, or wires in sugar flowers or figurines. On delivery, we will make the recipient aware of any non-edible items that must be removed before the cake is sliced and served. 

Cakes Made with Fresh Flowers  

We work with local florists and flower sellers to procure the freshest and most gorgeous blooms at the absolute best prices. For cakes with fresh flowers please note that as with any such element on a cake there is no guarantee that the flowers will not wilt. We work very hard to ensure freshness of blooms and to store flowers and plants under the most ideal conditions prior to and after being added to your cake.  We also do our best to suggest flowers for your cake that can withstand conditions under which the cake will be kept before and during your event. Please note that some flowers as not suitable for use on cakes. We wrap our flowers and plants with florist tape and will not use certain blooms or plants if they are not food safe and could be mistaken for something edible (such as red berries that are not food safe).  We will guide our clients in the choosing of blooms to fit your cake and your occasion.  

Monthly Cupcake Subscription Boxes

We understand that life throws us a curveball once in a while so we are happy to accommodate for this by postponing one box during your 3 month subscription should you be unable to collect one of the months! (Please note, in order to postpone we require a minimum 7 days notice prior to the collection date of the subscription boxes).  

Quality and Storage of your Order

Your order will be baked as close to your delivery/collection day as possible to ensure quality and freshness. Cakes should be stored in a cool, dry place, preferably in the box that they are supplied in. Upon delivery/collection we will advise the Client on storage based on the current weather/temperature as well as where and when the cake will be presented. We suggest all orders should be eaten as close to the delivery/collection date as possible. Any food consumed after 24 hours or later is at the client’s discretion and becomes their responsibility. Once food has been delivered, the responsibility of consumption is with the customer and, therefore, indemnifies The Brussels Cakery of all liability for personal use. 


If your order has allergy restrictions (nut, soy, gluten, etc..), we will do our best to accommodate your request, we cannot guarantee your order will be free from all allergy traces.  Your order is prepared in a kitchen where these products may be used in other cakes and fillings as well as equipment.  It is your  responsibility to inform your guests of this allergy information. We will not be held liable for any allergic reaction resulting from consumption of the cake. 


Heat and humidity can adversely affect your cake. In warmer months, it is advised the cake be kept in an air conditioned area or, at the very least, a cool area. It is strongly suggested that cakes being collected by the client be transported in an air-conditioned vehicle. The client will be advised on how to transport, store, display, and serve their cake based on the current weather conditions and temperature.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur due to weather conditions.   


Where damage does occur at the undeniable fault of the business, a partial or full refund may be given, this will be determined on an individual basis. Proof must be provided immediately, either in person or by pictorial evidence. Moreover, the remaining cake must be returned to the business.  The customer is made aware that some specific designs (e.g., topsy-turvy, anti-gravity, etc.) are more structurally sensitive than others; improper handling can lead to damage. Assuming all precautions have been taken by us to provide you with a sound structural support, we accept no liability for any damage that may occur once the cake is in the customer's possession. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unfortunate circumstance you are unhappy with your order and will not be using it for your event, you must contact The Brussels Cakery the DAY OF your event date in one of the following ways: (call/text) +32 470 89 62 90 (leave a message if there’s no answer and we will call you back as soon as possible), Facebook Messenger or Email: ALL unused portion of the order must be returned to The Brussels Cakery to determine the refund value, if applicable.


If the customer decides to return the cake in case of dissatisfaction or several problems, it becomes the property of the Brussels Cakery. Following the tasting and the observations of the cake by bakers and decorators the Brussels Cakery can then choose what to do with the remaining. 


Please Note

During the assembly and decoration process, the Designer/Decorator reserves the right to make small changes to the original design that is quoted on the order form if he/she deems it necessary to maintain the structure and/or integrity of the cake and/or design.  Sometimes during the decorating process small changes need to be made in order to ensure the cake's structure and/or the design elements themselves remain stable and suitable for transport (in particular).  Moreover, if the designer/decorator deems a small change necessary in order to improve the overall design and final product of the cake these changes will be made with consideration given to the final outcome of the product.  For major changes, we will attempt to contact the client beforehand, though please note sometimes changes need to be decided upon right away and it may not be possible to contact the client prior to the changes being made.  

Cake flavor and texture is subjective. Full refunds requested due to flavor or texture after the cake has been accepted and picked up will not be honored. You may qualify for a percentage of a store credit if the product is brought back and the quality of the cake flavor or texture is determined to not meet our standards. Cakes must be brought back to us within a timely manner, preferably within 24 hours of pick up - please call or email us promptly to let us know of the issue. Quality determination is solely at the discretion of the Brussels Cakery Please understand that we cannot issue refunds for cakes that have already been completely eaten. *Store credit percents are based on how quickly the cake is returned, how much has been consumed, and what we determine the quality to be. Store credits of any kind will not be issued to customers who do not contact us within 48 hours. 

Any orders that are not picked up will NOT be refunded.

Third Party Deliveries 

Please note that our amazing flat rate delivery is made possible via a third party.  While we work with the delivery service to ensure each delivery is made to the highest possible standards, please also note that once your order leaves the premises of our shop we are no longer responsible for the item(s).  By choosing delivery via this method, the client assumes all responsibility of their item(s) once said item(s) leave the shop premises.  In addition to this third party delivery service, the client can choose to collect the item(s) from the shop or enquire via the shop if delivery by a shop staff member is available for their event date/time (this service is very limited and delivery pricing will vary). 

Use of Our Products, Logos, Flavors, Etc.

Please note that our logo and branding are trademarked and cannot be used for either personal or private use without our prior written consent.  Our cakes, cupcakes, and all products are for personal use only and cannot be resold without our prior written consent.  In addition, our flavor combinations are for personal use only and cannot be used as your own for resale.  

COVID Related Cancellations, Postponements, Etc,

Postponements and cancellations due to circumstances relating to Covid and/or Covid Restrictons fall under the same policies as other postponements and cancellations covered in the terms above. 

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